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Category : Process Automation and Controls

Key Products : Brakes And Clutches, Tension Controllers, Web Guiding Systems, Mechanical Core Chucks

Re SpA commenced its journey when it was first conceptualised and established in 1974 in Milan, Italy. Since then, Re SpA has solidified its reputation in the market as a force to reckon with in terms of designing and manufacturing laminate machining process automation equipment.

This equipment is primarily for the purpose of converting, paper, corrugated board, cardboard, metal wire, rubber, plastic, textile and non-woven fabrics processing sectors.

The incessant amelioration of the organization and the business experience it has garnered over the last four decades is the reason for its global expansion today with the facilitation of a supreme quality based sales and customer care service across their multiple branches.

Re SpA is the proud owner of a comprehensive and fortified matrix of market presence where in it operates on its network connecting the headquarters in Bussero (Milan) and its three international subsidiaries—Re China, Re Latina (Brazil) and Re Shilp (India).

The firm values the significance of Research and Development as well as a sound technical support, which is why it has perpetually invested in both of these departments. As a corollary of this, Re SpA manufactures an extensive range od products which are versatile in meeting the dynamic requirements of the changing market.

Re equipment is characterised by its versatility in terms of usage. The organisation’s manufactured products deployed across the span of a wide array of applications – unwinding or rewinding reels, processing laminates to better the quality of the products as well as their operational excellence.

When it comes to the production of pneumatic brakes and tension controllers, Re has an unparalleled market presence and reputation based on consistent and qualitative output.

If one peruses through Re SpA’s catalogue, the variegated products are ostensible in their diversity and usage. The catalogue comprises of equipment like laminate machining process, including a vast range of load cells, electromagnetic powder brakes, web-guiding systems for aligning the laminate, print check video-inspection systems, expanding shafts and mechanical chucks for web handling as well as rotary unions for transferring fluids.

With the provision of an extensive variety of products, Re’s clients can choose the most apposite solution to their problem or select the right the component for a specific requirement. Re’s products are delineated as meticulously designed, standard-approved and quickly on hand to save time, energy and resources, as per their catalogue.  

Folowing are some of the most prolific and popular products by Re SpA:

Brakes & Clutches

Brakes and Clutches are today Re core business; thanks to the experience gained by technician, today the Italian company can offer a very high quality product that have allowed making thousands of applications on the machines of the most important machine manufacturers in the word. Re SpA can offer pneumatic brakes, electromagnetic powder brakes and caliper brakes.

Tension Controllers

Web tension has today an important role for companies that aim to play an important role in the sectors of converting. Together with brakes, Re tension controllers and load cells, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy since 40 years, guarantee an extremely precision in the measurement and control of the tension of a moving web in order to obtain a constant product quality and to maximize productivity.

Web-Guiding Systems

During web processing sometimes happens that the material moves from the right stroke, causing a misaligned printing and an incorrect rewinding. To avoid these problems and maximize productivity, reducing wastes and machine interruptions, it is necessary to install a web-guide system to guarantee a correct web alignment also at high speed. Re web-guiding systems are designed to solve the problems of edge, centre and line guides for all kinds of material. Thanks to highly innovative technical solutions the company has created a range of products that offer its customers numerous advantages.

Mechanical Core Chucks

Re SpA can offer a wide range of core chucks available for shaft-less unwinders and rewinders, from the traditional axial drive types with keys TM to the rotating types ROTOGRIP, and the pneumo-mechanical one all available in mono and double diameter versions.

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