Company : Millsight (Sweden)

Category : Process Automation and Controls

Key Products : High Quality (HQ) Digital Cameras, Compact LED Lights

The Millsight web monitoring system is a proven valuable production tool for significantly reducing 'unknown reason' paper breaks.


System provides instant video playback of events leading to every paper break, and Real Time Analysis (RTA) for monitoring trim squirts, release angle, tail threading and press draws etc., even if there is no web break.


System using the latest technology in high speed cameras, LED lighting and computing; to continually record digital millsights from cameras located at critical positions on the paper machine, winder or print press.

Industrial Digital Cameras

High Speed ~ High Quality (HQ) digital cameras


  • Latest GigE digital cameras
  • High frame rates to 400 frames/sec.
  • Available with pinhole lenses for the harsh wet-end environment.
  • Camera enclosures manufactured in St.St.
  • No need for wipers or water sprays
Special pinhole cameras are available for very dirty locations; such as paper machine wet-end and press locations.
Cameras (and LED lights) can be supplied with integral water cooling jackets when installed high up inside the very hot dryer hood.

Compact LED lights

  • Powerful light output.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Small footprint allowing installation in the tightest of locations.
  • Adjustable light beam width (wide or narrow) LED’s flash-on only when the camera shutter is open.
  • Lights are available with water cooled housings, for use high up inside the hot dryer hood.

Operator interface

User Interface

  • Easy to use and configure software.
  • All the tools to see exactly what happened before and during the web break.
  • Live display of all cameras.
  • Real Time Analysis (RTA) for monitoring trim Squirts, release angle, tail threading, press draws etc., no reference millsight required.
  • Full statistics – graphs etc.
  • mRemote - Viewing paper break events and live views of the paper process over the mill LAN (option).


Advanced features


  • Supporting GigE digital HQ cameras and analog cameras.
  • Ideal when upgrading older systems.
  • Multiview - Playback and comparison of different break events at the same time, looking for same reason breaks.
  • Fiber optic communications to each camera.
  • SplitMux - display of up to 16 live camera millsights on one 40” monitor (option).


Available systems


  • Full size cabinet (any number of cameras).
  • Half height cabinet (up to 12 cameras).
  • mPortable system ’On wheels’.

Portable WMS system

Portable WMS system ‘On wheels’ Overview


  • Quickly deployed troubleshooting system.
    Up to 4 digital cameras.
  • Video playback of events leading to paper break. Real time analysis for monitoring trim squirts, release angle, tail threading and press draws etc. 
    Ideal for paper machines, winders and conversion.
  • Computer and I/O equipment housed in box with wheels.
  • Sturdy pole supporting monitor and keyboard at working height.
  • Easily moved within the mill – machine to machine – winders or conversion areas.

Industrial computers and I/O

System Upgrades – (Older competitors systems)


Computers and software upgrade


Millsight has upgraded many older systems to the latest technology.


  • Cost effective way to extend the life of an older system.
  • All computers supplied are industrial standard ensuring replacement availability for many years.
  • Utilising existing cabinet and some of the internal components.
  • Video QUAD processors are now obsolete, and are not required after the system upgrade.
  • Each recording computer (mRec) presents a “Video QUAD” view on the VGA port.
  • This VGA signal is then extended to the control room using a video-only KVM switch and CAT5/6 cable.
  • Existing I/O signals (digital and analog) are connected to one new 19” I/O panel installed in the cabinet.


Compatibility with existing equipment


The upgraded system will work with all existing cameras and lights installed on the paper machine or winder, both the older analog cameras and the newer GigE High Speed and High Quality Digital cameras. Both types of camera can be used together in the same system; this allows phased upgrades to include digital cameras for the future.

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