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Head Engineering AB provides project management, engineering and contracting services in the processing sector. Conceptual and detail design, installation and commissioning are the services being provided. Head Engineering has been able to meet the varied and specific processing needs of clients across several industry sectors using its broad experience of the modern processes. Design of Black Liquor Soap separation systems, Tall Oil production plants (TOPP), Kraft Soap Technology serve the Pulp and Paper industry with an effective way of handling the wood pulp processing. Pinola is an indigenous technology platform uniquely designed for Pulp and Paper processing termed by Head Engineering. The platform is a cascade of two processes BLiSS and TOPP, and hence is called Pinola BLiSS and Pinola TOPP respectively. These two procedures put together produce cleaner black liquor, fresher tall oil soap and high yield of quality crude tall oil. Head Engineering AB has a well established competence in Soap separation, Soap concentration, Soap splitting, CTO production, CTO conditioning and Clarification that are applied in the pulp treatment industry.

Kraft Soap Technology

The Pinola technology based Kraft soap technology platform provides pulp mills with a more efficient alternative for handling and processing their Kraft soap compared to the traditional and less effective skimming, decantation and homogenisation tanks. The Pinola Kraft soap technology uses unusual centrifugal separators that reduce process residence time from days to minutes. Kraft soap technology is a closed system design that improves the environmental sustainability performance by reducing the local environmental impact.

Pinola BLiSS

Pinola Bliss, Black Liquor Soap Separation is a patented process developed by Head Engineering AB under the name of Pinola BLiSS. It is designed to efficiently separating clean Black Liquor from soap and solids that produces clean black liquor. The Pinola process produces a clean black liquor with <1gm CTO/kg Black Liquor free from concentrated solid free tall oil soap. This technology replaces existing homogenisation and soap skimming tanks with centrifugal separators, reducing the residence time and plant footprint drastically. BLiSS reduces scaling problems in the evaporation plant and increases the recovery boiler capacity leading to increased chemical recovery.

Pinola TOPP (Tall Oil Production Plant)

In a pulp Kraft process Pinola TOPP improves Tall Oil yield to more than 98%. A dynamic mixer, dynamic reactor and a high speed centrifugal separator form the Pinola TOPP's main components. The TOPP offers a compact, low maintenance energy efficient solution. The Pinola TOPP technology is supplied skid mounted; factory tested and is CE marked.  It offers fully automated dynamic mixing with an in line process volume just below 100 litres. It offers Safe operating environment and integrates easily with existing mill SCADA/DCS. Head Engineering provides site installation which is reduced to connecting the Pinola TOPP interfaces for electrical, automation and piping with your existing plant configuration.


Head Engineering offers an obligation free analysis of black liquor and tall oil soap for a tailored solution.

Tall Oil Mixer - Dynamic

Tall Oil extraction during wood pulp Kraft process through Pinola technology from Head Engineering improves process. The Pinola TOPP enables an efficient 98% extraction of crude Tall Oil. It has a dynamic reactor whose primary function is to react and split tall oil soap with acid and this prior to acidulation is conditioned and homogenised by the Pinola dynamic Tall Oil Mixer. Homogenised tall oil soap increases the downstream oil separation efficiency. The extraction during Kraft Soap Process adds 1.0 - 1.5% to the mill's revenue if not used internally.

Tall Oil Reactor - Dynamic

A clean Black Liquor minimises the load on the recovery boiler and maximises the operability of the evaporator system. Black Liquor is separated all along the Kraft soap process using the Pinola BLiSS before treating the pulp for Tall Oil separation. Black Liquor of 20 - 25% BL DS & 1.0 – 3% Soap concentration is allowed as input where as Black Liquor (BL) < 1g CTO / kg BL DS and Black Liquor solids are removed during the process.

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