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Key Products : Auto Guides, Run-Off Alarms, Stretchers/ Tension Controllers, Infrared Sheet Break Detectors, Wire/Felt Tension Measuring Devices, Paper Tension Controllers

Erhardt + Leimer, a German multinational with subsidiaries all around the world. When it comes to guiding the webs and belts on machine lines even faster, more precise and economical, no need to look further than Erhardt + Leimer. Erhardt + Leimer expertly provide customized solutions in process optimization systems and automation technology for control and guiding systems on moving webs.


E + L Automation technology minimizes costs, improve the quality of manufacturing Processes in the textile, paper production, paper and film processing, corrugated board and also the packaging, tires, rubber and non-woven material sectors. Key E + L factors in assuring the success of customers were and still are the highest quality standards, innovation and close customer contact since 1919.

Cylindrical Auto Guides

Due to closed loop movement of the Wire/Felt, they tend to displace from the intended position due to centrifugal forces. For high quality and quantity of paper production, proper dewatering, increase the service life of the Wires/Felts on paper machine, and to have a better control over the Fabric tension a proper positioning of the Wire/Felt is must.


Hence the continuous Monitoring and re-Positioning/Guiding of the Wire/Felt is must for any Paper Manufacturing Machine.


E + L manufactures Cylindrical AutoGuides with unique Proportional Feedback Mechanism which results into the accurate guiding with least air consumption and oscillations. This results in fewer corrective movements and more life of the Wire/Felt and less wear and tear in the guide also. Hence more value for money.


With Manual guiding option in addition to the Automatic guiding stroke.


E + L AutoGuides comes with Mechanical(Pneumatic)/Electrical/Optical Sensing devises depending on the application demands. And these sensing devises are supplied with the specially designed valves hence less contact force is required.


Internal insulation and Metallic Construction assures the trouble free operation at higher temperature.


E + L guide is now the best option to replace the outdated technology of bellow type guides over any other options.

Run-off alarms

For the case of Guide Failure or insufficient Guiding, E + L provides run Off Alarm Systems to protect the Wire/Felt. During over run with one switching option alarm is generated and with second switching point machine shuts down and protect the Wire/Felt.


Spring loaded plates with Inductive proximity switches prevent the FALSE alarms/signals.

Stretchers/ Tension Controllers

For quality paper production, proper moisture removal and high clothing life and efficient clothing run and preventing the damage to the Bearing/Rolls the optimum tension in Wires/Felts is must.


Very less tension causes reduced water drainage, hence increased re-moistening in press section and more steam requirement in dryers, more sheet breaks due to sheet fluttering in dryer, slippage between cloth and rolls resulting into clothing abrasion, difference in machine drive and fabric speed and ultimately affects Fabric Guiding.


Excessive tension in clothing may damage roll/bearing, marking on sheets, contraction in the width of the clothing, reduced service life of clothing, cloth tearing, less water drainage.


For controlling the proper tension in Wire/Felt E + L provides the state of the art stretchers


For Wires we provide Unique lever arm type stretchers, for Felt/Dryers we provide Spindle type dryers and for very long stretcher stroke we provide chain type of stretchers.


All of the stretchers are available for Completely Automatic Operation with tension measuring and display device and automatic motorized actuation.


We can provide manual motorized stretchers to start with.

Paper tension Controllers

  • Infrared Sheet Break Detectors
  • Wire/Felt Tension measuring devices (Load Cells) and display devices.
  • Paper tension Controllers for subsequent operations with measuring device (load cells) brake and digital controller.


Products for Corrugation Industry


E + L have been supplying state of the art Guiding and Tension Controlling Systems for Corrugated Board Manufacturing Machines.


ELTRAC - for guiding liner web exactly to the centerline of the single facer to reduce trimming and wastage of paper
CORRALIGNER - for guiding of the single web after unwinding on the bridge, through non crush rollers to prevent the damage to web edges
TENSION MASTER - for providing individual web tension control of the single faced boards on the bridge
Auto Guides for Belts.

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