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Endress+Hauser is a leading manufacturer of a range of measurement instrumentation for the process industries.


For the pulp and paper industry, we offer a varied range of instrumentation including flow, level, pressure, temperature, analysis, recording and fieldbus measurement solutions.

Electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeters For High Content Of Solids


Our electromagnetic flowmeters PROline Promag 35 and 53 series are specially developed to measure fluids with a high solids content, e.g. high consistency pulp. Our unique coil excitation utilises a noise free output and accurate measurement in all applications with a high solids content or mixes of different media.


Features and benefits of our electromagnetic flowmeters:


  • Reinforced PFA liner to avoid liner problems such as high temperature caused bubbles or vacuum damages
  • Pulsating flow applications e.g. piston pumps are standard
  • Very high signal to noise ratio for difficult media
  • Sizes ranges from 2mm up to 2m

Volumetric Flowmeters

Volumetric Flowmeters For Desalination


Volumetric flowmeters are required for the supply of deionised water in the water/steam circuit for desalination. The Prowirl vortex flowmeter is a compact flowmeter for volume measurement in deionised water.


  • Reliable measurement, independent of deionate conductivity
  • Large measuring dynamics, i.e. turndown
  • Negligible pressure loss


Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Control Of Water Volumes In Main Cooling Water System


PROline Prosonic Flow is an ultrasonic Time of Flight measuring instrument that is installed directly to the pipelines via our DDU sensors. The ultrasonic flowmeter is used for the control of water volumes in the main water cooling system. The DMU transmitter, mounted separately, completes the measurement system.


  • External installation - easy to retrofit with no intrusion into the pipe
  • Maintenance-free - no moving parts
  • No obstructions in the pipeline - no pressure loss
  • Economical alternative for large diameters up to 4,000mm

Radar level measurement

Totally non-contact, Micropilot separator vessels offer simple commissioning and easy set-up via its four-line display and comes complete with a Time of Flight operating programme (ToF Tool), which facilitates extensive analysis functions for flow measurement.


The two-wire Micropilot can be used for continuous monitoring of gases that require removal from the production process, as well as for high and low alarms. Additionally, capacitance level measurement can be provided for separator vessel interface monitoring, storage/holding tanks and high/low alarms.


For more complete level measurement, our Kontilot Gamma can be applied providing high and low level, continuous measurement and interface and density profiling.

Coriolis mass flowmeter.

Pulp and paper mills are starting to realise the advantages of our Cerabar pressure transmitter with ceramic diaphragm for pressure measurement in demanding applications. Earlier it has been very difficult, or even impossible, to handle the combination of high temperatures and aggressive media.


Here are some examples of successful applications:


  • Thick liquor injection to the soda recovery boiler
  • Level measurement in pulpers in recycled paper
  • Screening in washing and screening departments

Measurement instrumentation

Our Promass 80/83 Coriolis mass flowmeters are ideally suited for chemical injection phases, due to the low flow rates experienced. The versatile Promass can monitor from as little as 0.1kg per hour, up to 350,000kg per hour and is simple to install and maintenance-free.




The TopCal Sautomatic cleaning and calibration system for pH/redox is the perfect choice for heavily polluted and aggressive media often found in paper and pulp processes. TopCal S combines a high degree of safety and accuracy with low maintenance requirements



Typical application:


  • White water from paper machines or other applications where reliable measurement and long-term stability is vital




  • High operational safety as system remains closed during calibration
  • Wide application range for use in both safe and hazardous areas
  • Early warning functions guarantee reliability and system performance
  • Simple to commission and user-friendly

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