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Pasaban designs and manufactures high technology machines such as winders, Sheeters for paper and board converting industry, as well as for other special materials.

The journey of our company started in 1928, when Pedro Pasaban started a mechanical workshop in Tolosa to deal the requirements of the paper industry sector, repairing and creating auxiliary machines. Our strategic mission is to become specialists in finishing processes of the paper industry.

We have made a diverse range of improvements to our machines. As a result of this continuous innovation, in 2008, we became the world leaders in banknote paper Sheeters. We are renowned for our commitment to continuously enhance our customer service orientation across the globe.

We offer:

Sheeters Cutting
Laser punching and cutting equipment Laser notching
Paper winding machines Winding
Paper ream wrappers Wrapping
Foil Stamping Stamping
Unwinder Unwinding
Turnkey projects  


Paperboard Sheeter Machines

We are one of the leading Paperboard Sheeter manufacturers providing Paper and Board Sheeter Machinesfor paper or cardboard mills, converting plants and/or paper finishing rooms.

Technical Specifications of Pasaban’s Paper sheeting machine:

  • Width: Maximum 2600 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter:2.100
  • Sheet length (min-max):400-1600 (2000) mm
  • Maximum speed :350m/min


An outstanding example of high technology combined with variable automatic options meant for a diversity of customers. Allows widths of up to 2600 mm and speeds of up to 350m/min.

Paper Sheeter Machinery

Pasaban is renowned as one of the best Paper Sheeter Suppliers around the globe. We offer the high output Sheeters & Sheet cutters for the usage in paper and cardboard mills after the production machines. They allow removing the intermediate winding step.

Technical Specifications:

  • Width:maximum 4100 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter:2500
  • Minimum sheet length:400 mm
  • Maximum speed:350 m/mm

Paper Sheet Cutting Machine

Paper Roll Cutting Machineis specially designed for the cutting of cellulose with an extremely robust design. We, the preeminent Paper Cutting Machine Manufacturershave manufactured it to work under hostile environments.

It is normally applied to in-line processing with the cellulose production machine, although it can also be used in more particular off-line cases from the mother coil.

Technical Specifications:

  • Width: 7000 mm
  • Sheet formats: Variable mm
  • Maximum speed: 300 m/min

Paper and Folding Carton Sheeter

The compact concept was created to offer a modular system that allows implementing a wide range of options to meet the production needs of each customer. Paper and folding carton sheeteris targeted at finishing rooms and paper and cardboard printing plants demanding high flexibility, strict production requirements and outstanding quality of the finished product.

It is the optimum solution for converters or printers with medium production volumes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Width: 1450 or 1650
  • Maximum reel diameter: 1500 mm
  • Sheet length (min-max): 400-1650
  • Maximum speed: 300m/min

Paper Winding Machines

Our Paper Machine Winder is designed to supply reels with even edge profiles and a perfect winding structure forPaper Rewinding Machine Manufacturer and converters. Reliable, processing materials with surfaces sensitive to marking by its shaft winding system.

  • Maximum width: 1600 mm
  • Max. diameter of mother reel: 1800 mm
  • Max. diameter of finished reel: 1200 mm
  • Minimum width of finished reel: 50 mm


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