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OVERMADE is a global supplier of machinery for the tissue and paper industry known worldwide with the name of OVER Meccanica until 2015. Wishing to continue an activity that OVER Meccanica mastered since the early 60s with hundreds of significant installations implemented around the world, OVERMADE makes the most of the wealth of knowledge and first class expertise that we have inherited and that is rooted in a past of pioneering technology.

OVERMADE is a specialist in engineering, design and manufacture of complete paper machines, complete tissue machines and winders. We supply also paper machine section rebuilds, machine components, original spare parts and a wide range of services.

We work in partnership with our customers, focused first and foremost on their needs and committed to handle them smartly by offering customized and sustainable solutions alongside constant assistance.

Strongly oriented to process streamlining and problem solving in all paper production related issues, we constantly look to ECO and LOGIC solutions to develop and implement.

Tissue Paper Making Machines

OVERMADE  is universally acknowledged as a leader in the manufacture of tissue making machines on account of the outstanding quality, softness and properties of the paper produced on them. We have manufactured tissue machines since the early 60's, developing and mastering the whole technology of tissue making: from the early fourdrinier to the suction breast roll, from twin wire to crescent former.

To cover every  production target, OVERMADE  delivers a wide range of tissue machines, starting from the simple and low-investment model designed for productions  between 40 and 60 t/day, up to the most advanced model for 250 t/day - 5650 mm trim width.

Overmade Tissue Machines Features:

  • Flexible and Efficient
  • Energy Saving
  • Simple to operate
  • Low Maintenance Required
  • Easy Production Changes
  • Saleable Jumbo Rolls from the very start up

OverMade Tissue Machines Reel Sheet Width Design Speed Production Capacity
OVER CR B11 2750 - 2850 mm 1100 mpm 40 tpd
OVER CR B13 2750 - 2850 mm 1300 mpm 50 tpd
OVER CR B15 2750 – 2850 mm 1500 mpm 60 – 70 tpd
OVER CR C18 2750 – 2850 mm 1800 mpm 80 – 90 tpd
OVER CR C20 2750 – 2850 mm 2000 mpm 90 – 105 tpd
OVER CR C22 2750 – 2850 mm 2200 mpm 105 – 120 tpd
OVER CR C18L 3450 – 3600 mm 1800 mpm 110 – 120 tpd
OVER CR C22L 3450 – 3600 mm 2200 mpm 130 – 140 tpd
OVER CR D22 5600 mm 2200 mpm 210 tpd
OVER CR D22XL 5600 mm 2200 mpm 250 tpd
OVER TAD22 2650 – 2750 mm 1800 mpm 80 – 120 tpd
OVER TAD22XL 5600 mm 2000 mpm 160 - 240 tpd


Two drum slitter combining winder

WINDER 3500 - Advanced and fast two-drum slitter winder family  for paper and board grades, speeds  up to 2800 m/min and  widths up to 9 meters.  Completely automatic winding cycle and automatic control of the finished roll density to ensure paper reel  uniformity.

WINDER 3500 T - Advanced two-drum slitter  combining winder family for tissue grades and  sheet widths up to 5,6 meters, to produce finished rolls from 1 to 4 plies.

WINDING SECTION: Shaft less or shaft assisted (shat diameter: 3” to 10"). Design speed from 1200  to 1800 m/min. Finished roll diameter up to 2200 mm. Winders are equipped with automatic control of the finished roll density, automatic finished roll ejector and automatic insertion of cores  on expanding shaft.

SLITTING SYSTEM: of tangential type, with counter knives either individually driven or mounted on expanding shaft.


  • Fixed crown calendar with device for skewing adjustment
  • Variable crown calendar
  • Embossing unit
  • Automatic systems for cores feeding and gluing, paper cutting and finished roll gluing
  • Fully automatic slitter positioning

Paper Machinery Yankee Dryers

OVERMADE has supplied Yankee cylinders all over the world for a variety of grades, from creped tissue to coated board.

Our Yankees are offered in two versions:

  • With shell made of cast iron mounted by means of bolts on heads and journals made of nodular cast iron
  • With shell made of steel, covered with a special hard metal, mounted by means of bolts on heads and journals made of nodular cast iron

Requirements covered:

  • Inner surface:  plain or grooved
  • Operating pressure: 5,   8.5 and 10 bar
  • Diameter:  from 3200 mm to 4877 mm without face length limitations
  • Special shell coating

Hydraulic headboxes paper making

OVERMADE headbox family extends from the traditional air-padded, two-roll headbox for application on low speed fourdriniers to the hydraulic headbox Dynaflo for high speed formers and Crescent formers.

Hydraulic headboxes are conceived to guarantee:

  • Excellent stock dispersion through the exclusive Dynaflo device for turbulence generation
  • Best sheet formation
  • Negligible residual wake signature on the jet


  • Edge flow control system capable to modify locally the flow from 60%  to 160% of the nominal flow to optimize fiber orientation.
  • Stiff lamellas in the slice area
  • Multilayer layout
  • Dilution system for CD profiling control

Paper board formers

OVERMADE FORMING SECTIONS cover all paper grades, production speeds up to 1500 m/min and trimmed widths up to 8 meters.

OVERMADE can offer:

  • FOURDRINIER:  Former to produce single and multi-ply grades up to 1200 m/min.The fourdriniers feature beams of cantilever type and are equipped with state-of-the-art drainage elements and ceramic blades.
  • OVER-TD: Top wire drainage unit to increase the drainage capacity of the Fourdrinier wire and to improve formation and fines distribution in Z-direction. Used for communication papers and packaging grades at production speeds of 1300 m/min.
  • OVER-HS: Gap former for the production of communication grades at high speeds.
  • OVER-HSB: Gap former designed for application on packaging grades, speeds up to 1500 m/min and basis weights ranging from 70 to 160 g/m2.

Gap formers combine roll and blade for the sheet forming process to ensure the highest drainage capacity together with an excellent sheet quality.

Press Section Paper Machine

Overmade Press family covers all paper grades and production speeds. Single and double felted layouts are available with Suction Press roll, plain press rolls and Over XL shoe press or crown controlled press rolls.

Our Presses are categorized into:

  • OVER Press-I: compact no-draw, triple nip press. Ideal for rebuilds and modernizations of the wet end area.
  • OVER Press-II:  a combination suction pick-up/press roll, generating two nips. This configuration is one of the most successful press designs, ensuring great water removal capacity and optimum sheet non-two-sidedness.
  • OVER Press-IIIXL: modern design of a no-draw, three-nip press. Having a separate pick up roll, the first nip press is a double felted press with a Suction Press roll. The second nip is a single felted press. The third nip press roll is again a single felted press usually equipped with an OVER XL shoe press.
  • OVER Press-HL: double felted Jumbo press for linerboard and cardboard grades. The press (single or tandem layout) consists of two large diameter rolls providing a very long nip and high press impulse.
  • OVER Press-V: press of modern design for application on high

Soft and Hard nip Calender

Hard nip calender with 1 to 5 nips, equipped with a combination of:

  • Variable crown rolls (VC-E and VC-S) in King Roll position
  • Thermo-rolls of peripheral or central bore type in Queen Roll position

Soft nip calender with 1 nip (two rolls configuration), or with 2 nips (available with 3 rolls configuration, or 4 rolls back-to-back configuration).

The calander is equipped with:

  • Variable crown rolls (VC-E and VC-S) in King Roll position
  • Thermo-rolls of peripheral or central bore type in Queen Roll position.

The special cover of VC roll allows to reach the best results in terms of paper bulk, smoothness and gloss.

The thermo-rolls are heated with superheated water, steam, or diathermic oil.

When a VC-E roll is applied, the roll face can be divided into multiple independent zones – from 3 to 7 - to control the crowning locally.

The calenders are delivered complete with hydraulic unit, Queen roll heating system and controls.

Size Presses Paper Machine

OVER Sizer P:  of pond type design for the application of starch with standard consistencies of 8%.  Particularly indicated for paper basis weights exceeding 100 g/m2, OVER Size press can run efficiently to a speed of 1100 m/min.

OVER Sizer R: size press equipped with rod applicators of different designs to apply starch with consistency up to 6-8 g/m2 per side and lightweight pigments on all paper grades. The sizer is followed by an air turn unit and/or by IR dryers.

Size press roll available diameters are: - 1000 mm - 1280 mm- 1500 mm

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