Company : KU Sodalamuthu and Co.

Category : Paper Machines and Installation

Key Products : Machinery for Paper Core, Tube, Edge Protector and Pulp Moldings. 

Tube making machinery

Edge protectors making

Pulp moulding machinery

Paper cones plant

Fibre Drum Machine

Composite Can Machinery

Automatic Cone Finishing Machine

Automatic Cone Making Machine With Cone Drier

Automatic Core Cutter

Automatic Tube Finishing Machine

Body Maker

Can Flanging Machine

Disc Cutting Machine

Dry Moulding Process

Easy Cutter Economic Model

Fibre Drum Bottom Lid Fixing Machine

Fibre Drum Ring Fixing Beading Machine

Glueing Machine And Cone Winders

Heat Sealing System

Horizontal Labelling Machine

Hot Press Machine

Hydra Pulper

Multi Side Rotary Model

Paper Cone Finishing Machine Multi Process

Paper Core Winder

Paper Tube Winder

Paper Tube Winder With Multi Cutter For Kitchen Foil Tubes

Parallel Tube Winder

Pattern Developing Machine Reel Model

Reciprocating Model

Rotary Notching Machinery

Slitter Rewinder

Ultra Heavy Duty Model For Construction Cores