Company : JMC Paper Tech Pvt Ltd

Category : Paper Machines and Installation

Key Products : Paper Machinery Of Capacity 15-200 Tons/Day, Waste Paper Treatment Plant, De-Inking System, Vibrating Screen, Rewinder

JMC Paper Tech Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of pulp and paper mill machinery, cement plant machinery and its equipments. Major activities of the company are fabrication work of machinery and its parts. JMC is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.


The company has a highly qualified and experienced engineering team. Complete workshop facilities to manufacture different equipments with an excellent infrastructure including computer aided design and drafting workstation facilitate the production. Manufactured equipments pass through strict quality control.


Project Designing

JMC Paper Tech undertakes manufacturing, design, supply erection and commissioning of new pulp mill and paper machinery. The company also undertakes the modernization of existing pulp mill, waste paper treatment plant and paper machinery of capacity 15-200 tons/day. JMC has the necessary capabilities in project engineering, manufacturing, and design and project management to take up assignments on a turnkey basis.

De-inking System

The purpose of de-inking system is to remove the printing inks and stickies that might affect the paper making process. In a de-inking system, ink is detached from fiber. Flotation technology used in de-inking system provides high yield of fibers and simple handling with maximum operating reliability.


Principle of Operation


The JMC de- inking system consists of number of cells in series with elliptical cross section and with a baffle extending over the entire length to separate suspension chamber from the foam collecting chamber. Air (at the atmospheric pressure) and pulp stock is introduced into the cell through injectors. Flow through nozzles generates vacuum causing micro turbulence of bubble sizes enabling efficient removal of ink particles. This enhances the brightness and reduces dirt specks and stickies. The injectors optimize the quantity of air injected and the size of bubbles generated.


The pulp stock freed ink is pumped from the bottom of one cell to the next cell. The ink laden foam overflows to the foam chamber with the help of motorized paddle. Flotation process is operated in a continuous mode and helps to remove ink particles efficiently in de-inking system. Since the cells in de-inking system are interconnected, level is controlled through level transmitter.


The primary floatation stage in de-inking system ensures highest possible stock purity and the secondary stage optimizes yield. A de-aerator cyclone removes air from the stock and usable fibers are recovered from the foam.


  • No sizing restrictions
  • Single Level Control Loop Operation
  • Optimized flotation yield at secondary stage without loss of brightness and cleanliness.
  • Very low fiber loss in the de-inking process as the foam is treated in a cascade process.
  • Optimize floatation yield at secondary stage without loss of birghtness and cleanliness.
  • Exceptional Improvement in Screening Efficiency.
  • Improve quality of Paper
  • Dependable Paper Machinery Operation
  • Basket - hole or slott type
  • Excellent Manufacturing Fitness

Rewinder for Paper Mill

  • Heavy duty rewinder for trimming and rewinding of paper web in required reel size.
  • Rewinding is done by friction on double drum rolls duly loaded with chrome coated rider roll.
  • Slitting arrangement is provided in rewinder with pneumatically loaded trimming knives.
  • Rewinders are MS fabricated with frame proper stiffeners with cast iron slide rail.
  • Rider Roll in JMC rewinder is pneumatically balanced.
  • Pusher roll in rewiders is for dislodging the rewound roll on collecting table.
  • Pneumatically operated braking arrangement is enabled in rewinder.
  • Trim Handling system in rewinder is provided with Blower and Dual Ventury.
  • Maximum operating speed is up to 500 MPM and driven by DC/ AC variable speed drive.

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screens are used for screening of all fibers containing impurities. These vibrating screens are used for screening of low as well as high consistency pulp. The vibrating screen is also able to removes large impurities such as film, plastics, wet strength specks, metal particles, wooden splinters etc.


JMC vibrating screens are fitted with screen plate. Jamming is avoided in vibrating screen as the screen vibrates on air cushions. Vibrating screens are fitted with superior power motor. The motor rating KW for vibrating screen is from 1.1 to 3. The motor RPM for JMC vibrating screen is 750. The company manufactured vibrating screen is fitted with screen plate width of 500mm to 1000mm.

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