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Category : Paper Machines and Installation

Key Products : Bow Roll Flange Mount, Banana Roll, Spreader Roll, Curve Bar Expander Roll, Metalic Bow Roll

Belmark Industries was established in 1995, since then Belmark is engaged in manufacturing and exporting Industrial Rollers and Web processing Equipment all over the world.

Belmark-Mark of Confidence

Belmark products find wide application in Paper manufacturing, paper & plastic Converting, Processing, Artificial Leather, BOPP and HDPE Woven fabrics, aluminium foils, films, Textiles, vinyl.

Belmark offers quality tested Industrial Rollers and Web Processing Equipments. Belmark products are tested on well defined parameters to ensure that these are in line with industrial standards. Belmark’s Advanced manufacturing practices and precision quality standards are the watch word and that helped Belmark to offer to our customer’s trouble free performance from their products.

Banana Roll

Bow Roll from Belmark is known as Spreader Roll, Bowed Roll, Curve bar Expander, Banana Roll, Camber Roll, and Wrinkle removing Rolls. Bow Rolls are available in rubber surface, hard chrome surface and also Teflon covering for non-sticking applications. Hard chrome surface bow Rolls are used where speed is more than 300 meters minutes. If the speed is more, the bigger diameter is used to reduce the rpm of the roll. Bow roll works only when there is proper lead-in and lead-out distance and kept the roll in proper warp angle with web material.

Bow Roll Flange mount

To do such warp angle adjusting all rolls are supplied with bow angle adjusting worm-worm wheel gearbox with hand wheel and counter pedestal bearing block. By use of this it is possible to adjust the bow angle at 360 degree warp angle. When the Roll get maximum wrinkle removing, stop the bow angle adjusting and put the roll on bow locked position. Do not do any change in the bow setting bow warp angle with web materials is set. On shaft bow position indicated an arrow showing the bowed position of the Roll.


  • Rubber sleeve covered
  • Metal expander with hard chrome plated surface for high speed application
  • Teflon sleeve for non-sticking application.

Bow Roll Flange

Bow Rolls are known as Banana Rolls, Spreader Rolls, Curve rubber expander, useful for removing of wrinkles, slack edges, spreading and slit separation. Most of the Expander Rolls are driven by web tension itself without any extra drive. Used in Paper Industries, Textile processing machines, Plastic converting machines, in manufacturing, processing, printing, laminating, coating, Batching, Winding and Re-Winding.

Curve Bar Expander Roll

Metal Bow is used for before high-speed Paper slitter re-winders for wrinkle removing and after slitting to separate slits. This type of Roll having heavy weights and paper tension itself not sufficient to drive the Roll so extra pulley is provided to drive the metal Expander Roll. Teflon Expander is particularly used before size press where wet working and extra drive is required for to get roll rotate. Teflon rubber bow roll having application where sticking of substance on roll is problem.

Metalic bow roll foot mount-1

All type of Expanders is available in Bow angle adjustable type so one can adjust the bow angle when the machine is in working condition. Fixed Roll at best bow warp angle it gets maximum spreading, wrinkle removing or slit separating effects.


The diameter of the Roll depends on speed of web materials and maximum web width and also the mounting centres. Depending upon web speed and web width Banana Rollers are available in different diameters from 75mm to 190mm or more and web width from 350mm to 6500mm.

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