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ExxonMobil is one of the leading lubricant suppliers to the paper and forest products industry. We carefully formulate, test, manufacture and deliver a complete line of quality lubricants for virtually every application in papermills, plywood mills, dimensional lumber mills, box board plants, medium density fiber board mills and decorative product plants. In addition to our lubricants, we also have a premier oil analysis program called Signum online oil analysis. We also provide an efficient suite of business services and trouble-shooting when you need it, and offer Integrated Lubrication Services to rescue lubricants and prepare machinery for lubricant circulation. Our objectives are aligned with yours - to reduce bottom line operating and maintenance costs while running your manufacturing process smoothly.

Esso branded lubricants

  • Ronex Extra Duty Moly 2 - a premium high base oil viscosity grease designed for the heavy-duty applications often encountered in paper mills, construction, commercial vehicles and mining environments
  • Ronex Extra Duty series - super premium quality high base oil viscosity greases designed for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial and commercial vehicle applications. The high base oil viscosity in addition to the extreme pressure additives gives the greases high load carrying performance
  • Ronex MP - premium quality multipurpose grease that can be used in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications
  • Teresstic N EP - this oil combines the proven high-temperature performance of Exxon's long-established Teresstic N paper machine oil with the EP performance of a premium 60lb Timken gear oil

Quality lubricants

To power your operation to its highest level from forest to finishing and shipping, ExxonMobil offers a wide range of Mobil brand performance lubricants and an unparalleled suite of synthetics to excel in virtually every application in papermills, plywood mills, dimensional lumber mills, box board plants, medium density fiber board mills, and decorative product plants:


  • Mobil DTE PM series - high-quality, high-performance lubricants specifically designed for demanding industrial paper machine circulating systems
  • Mobilith AW series - high performance lithium-complex greases
  • Mobilux EP 0, 1, 2, 3, 460, 004 and 023 - a high performance family of five general-purpose industrial greases and two special-duty semi-fluid greases


ExxonMobil's services and programs range from lube maintenance-scheduling software to hydraulic system inspections and are applied through the expertise of our highly trained field engineering force. We ensure a lower cost of ownership through expenditure reductions, revenue enhancements, process improvements and asset reductions.

Mobil lubricants and synthetics

When you need better performance than conventional lubricants can provide, the following Mobil synthetics are an exceptional solution:


  • Mobilith SHC 100, 220, 460, 007, 1500 - supreme performance synthetic greases designed for a wide variety of applications at extremes of temperature
  • Mobilith SHC PM - a supreme performance synthetic grease designed specifically for severe paper machine applications including high and low temperature environments and exposure to different qualities of water
  • Mobil SHC PM series - supreme performance synthetic oils specifically designed for the most demanding industrial paper machine circulating systems


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