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TSE Troller AG, located in Murgenthal, Switzerland, develops and manufactures customer specific coating dies since 1961 for applying single and multi-layer liquid films on a wide variety of flexible substrates such as paper or film.


Our engineering, design and shop staff includes experts with over 30 years of practical industrial experience in coating technology. We have proprietary design tools for optimising pre-metered coating equipment and processes to customer requirements. Our shops manufacture highest quality dies up to 4.5m (177in) coating width with outstanding slot accuracy.

Curtain Coating Applications

Curtain Coating Applications in the Paper Industry


Curtain coating in the slide (single- and multi-layer) or slot (single-layer only) format is being increasingly used for special paper coatings because of its capabilities: copious simultaneous layers, high coating speed and large die-to-web clearance. The advantages of the pre-metered methods associated with simultaneous multi-layer application yield a more accurate and uniform coating weight, with fresher and cleaner coated liquids. These advantages lead to big savings in production costs because of less coating colour consumption, less production runs due to multi-layer capability and less machine stops due to web breaks – and in the end to higher efficiency compared to the established coating methods.

Slide Dies for Curtain Coating

High Precision Slide Dies for Curtain Coating


Curtain coating in the slide format is being adopted increasingly by large segments of the coating industry because of its high productivity, multi-layer capabilities and robustness with respect to web disturbances. The curtain coating concept is simple enough; allow a liquid layer falling from a die edge to impinge on a moving web. However, the realisation of excellent coating quality with this method demands optimal die design coupled with precision fabrication: both are TSE's strengths.


As with all pre-metered coaters, the production of a uniformly distributed flow via the internal flow manifold requires both optimal manifold design and excellent slot depth uniformity. The curtain lip also must be designed to resist irregular wetting and other disturbances. Furthermore, lip fabrication uniformity is essential for excellent coating uniformity.


TSE has developed the essential supporting technologies and designs associated with capable curtain edge guides, coating initiation / termination functions and devices that protect the liquid curtain from the detrimental effects of air currents.

Coating Stations

Coating Stations with Die Support and Coating Roll


A coating station is the foundation for the application process in that it provides the mechanical support and positioning functions as well as auxiliary systems required for a successful coating process.


TSE supplies coating stations ranging from small, flexible laboratory development coaters to ultra-high precision small scale production units. In all cases these stations feature world-class TSE coating dies matched with backing rolls and positioning systems of comparably high precision.


Overall design of the coating station supports the precision and uniformity of the coating process while productivity of the station is also an important design consideration. TSE station design allow minimum product change-over time, provide appropriate process adjustments, allow ready access for operations and maintenance, and in some designs even provide quick exchange of coating die assemblies or even coating processes.

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