Company : Spooner Industries Limited

Category : Industrial Equipment and Systems

Key Products : Air flotation and impingement dryers, coolers

Spooner Plus - A positive approach to servicing

Spooner Plus now provides all aspects of service and aftersales work for both new and existing customers on all makes and models of process equipment as well as original Spooner machines.Remote Interrogation is just one of the new services.  Run online via a VPN connection, Spooner process experts can interrogate the operating history of equipment and monitor, analyse and resolve any issues. This can be provided on a regular, ongoing basis, delivering excellent product support and continual optimisation of the equipment.

Spooner, staying at the forefront of non-contact drying technology

Spooner Industries has been leading technical innovations in the principles of forced convection for over 80 years. Initially developed for the textile industry, the company’s founder William Wycliffe Spooner, revolutionised the industrial drying techniques of the time in terms of both speed and efficiency and eventually doubled the output of what had previously been achieved.