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Key Products : Air flotation and impingement dryers, coolers

For over 80 years now, Spooner Industries has provided customised process solutions for the contact-less drying of paper. Experts in convection drying and non-contact web-handling, Spooner provides industrial drying systems to the world's leading paper manufacturers.


Air flotation and impingement dryers, coolers, Air Turns and web stabilisers are manufactured to any specification to provide clients with optimum results for the most demanding paper industry processes.



Key Market Sectors that Spooner functions in are: Printing & Writing, Label Stock, Carbonless Paper, LWC, MWC, Non-wovens, Art Paper/ Board, Packaging Grades, Thermal Paper, Tissue, Décor, Banknote / Security paper, Folding Boxboard, Photographic Paper, Teabag and Plug Wrap Paper.


Air Flotation Dryer

The Air Flotation Dryer features Spooner's market leading air flotation nozzles which transfer heat to the coated or sized web whilst supporting it without contact on dynamic cushions of air as it passes through the dryer. A very uniform drying profile and stable web without flutter or vibration is achieved.


Spooner's vast range of industrial dryers are of high performance and are energy efficient. The company's hygienically designed snack food and cereal dryers, high performance air flotation or impingement dryers for paper, converting or steel, have been known to be the most preferred in the industry because of its innovation and high performance. Continual innovation is Spooner's forte and for achieving such, Spooner has pushed limits. Spooner's dryers have been designed for web widths in excess of 10 m. Speed flexibility is another option that we provide; some dryers have been designed for web speeds in excess of 3,000 m/min



High Performance Compact (HPC™) Dryer



High Performance Compact (HPC™) Dryer is an innovative high performance development; features conventional Spooner air flotation airbars supplemented by an equal number of hole impingement airbars. The system provides very high heat transfer potential resulting in shorter machine lengths whilst maintaining excellent non-contact web handling characteristics.






ModuleDryer™, a ground breaking innovation, allows a single or double sided coated sheet to be simultaneously dried and turned through a given angle without contact. This system can be particularly effective in maximising drying and cooling length within a limited machine footprint. A single sided version is available and particularly applicable to the coating section of board machines where the layout can be greatly simplified.


Air Impingement Dryer

Air Impingement Dryer belongs to Spooner's range of high efficiency air impingement dryers that are typically utilised in the coating sections of board machines. The systems are custom designed for your process and can be either gas or steam heated.

Air Turn for Paper Drying

The Air Turn was invented by Spooner in the year 1983 to provide non-contact turning of coated or sized webs. The Spooner Air Turn is a cutting edge technology providing extremely stable web transport without wrinkles or edge flutter, thus promising excellent performance. With over 300 units installed around the world, the Spooner Air Turn is a well-established market leader.


Benefits include:



  • Increased machine speed potential
  • Reduced contamination
  • Reduced web breaks due to tension fluctuations
  • Turning into non-contact drying systems
  • Web spreading effect
  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic control systems


Industrial Coolers

The Spooner's range of high performance coolers provide a non-contact cooling solutions for paper and board webs. Spooner's full range of air impingement and air flotation technologies can be utilized for web cooling applications and are all custom designed.


Spooner Web Coolers



Spooner offers a range of high performance coolers for continuous webs, whether the substrate be paper, metal, films or foils. In addition to impingement air coolers with high heat transfer rates, Spooner provides unique designs of air flotation stabilising coolers and has extensive references.



The benefits of Spooner coolers are:



  • High cooling rates
  • Ambient or chilled air
  • Non Contact Operation
  • Dual drying or cooling zones available


Air Floatation Dryer Services

Spooner offers prompt spares and services for both new and existing customers worldwide. From the refurbishment or relocation of plant to energy audits, maintenance and spare parts Spooner Plus has the essential process skills and machine building knowledge to maximise the performance of your existing process equipment.


The following services are available from The Spooner Plus Team:



  • Spare parts
  • Energy Audits
  • Process inspections
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Upgrades
  • Modifications
  • Plant refurbishment
  • Repairs
  • Training
  • Benchmarking
  • Remote interrogation
  • Condition Inspections
  • Machine deep clean
  • Burner servicing
  • Relocation


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