Company : RIF SPA

Category : Industrial Equipment and Systems

Key Products : RIF ROLL COVER SRL, Polymer Covering, Gun Drilling, Thermal Spray

Founded in the late Sixties in the industrious Italian  North – East, by a local entrepreneur as a local workshop specialized in the regrinding of big size rollers and cylinders, over the years RIF widened its offer and established itself as a company with a prominent position in the international marketplace as a Supplier of maintenance , refitting  and surface renewal of the rolls and cylinders operating in several industrial sectors , primarily in the paper, board and  tissue production lines.


RIF is also active in other industrial fields where cylinders or rotors are installed in the production lines, with special focus on medium and big sizes. The other industrial sectors ranked by importance are plastic film production mills in general, rolling mills for the metallurgical sectors , textile industry and lately also an interestingly rising  importance  in the field of energy with high precision grindings for turbines, rotors and shafts.


Along with the traditional activity of advanced and value adding maintenance provided to the existing rolls of the Clients, RIF does also design and manufacture new rolls and is nowadays a recognized landmark for OEMs and Users of medium to large cylinders.


In particular cases , when the transportation of the cylinders is not possible due to size and weight ( i.e. Yankee cylinders in tissue production ) and under  particular work conditions , the grinding , balancing , and thermal spraying operations have to be made on – site , directly at the Mill . This is possible thanks to  in-house designed and manufactured  CNC portable machinery ensuring reliable quality and expert  Teams working in shifts around the clock to minimize the costly paper machine downtimes. The RIF On Site Service is internationally known for service quality and accuracy and the volume of this business line has shown a significant upturn in the past few years.  This service is strongly underpinned by the management of logistics. And by a close cooperation with the Clients in all organizational issues which concur to the positive achievement of the overall goal:  accurate technical service in the minimum possible working times and with a reduced preliminary burden to the Customer to enable the setup of the working equipment in place.




The Udine Headquarters and Plant hosts two companies whose competences are closely connected whilst maintaining their distinctive identity:


RIF SPA - a medium sized family company owned by the descendant of the Founder


RIF ROLL COVER SRL - a small joint venture company between RIF SPA and VOITH PAPER resulting from the transfer of the RIF pre-existing business line producing polymer covering of rolls for further upgrade and market presence.  RIF ROLL COVER is an approved Supplier by Voith , not only for a number of rubber coverings to be installed in Voith machines worldwide, but also as a Partner/Strategic supplier for fine machining of rolls and suction shells.


From its strategic location in the north east of Italy, a hundred km far from the Austrian border and close to the seaport of Trieste for overseas connections; RIF is today delivering worldwide, well aware of the specific needs, cultural features and critical issues of the different markets.


Over the past few years RIF has raised the banner in the Extra EU Markets both in the Far East and in Latin America in a minor extent and it is strengthening its  presence both directly and indirectly partnering well  known Machine Manufacturers as a strategically Sub supplier.

Polymer Coverings

  • Supplied by the joint venture Company RIF ROLL COVER SRL ( see company profile)

Thermal Spray

  • Galvanic Chrome Platings
  • Thermal Spraying

Rolls & Shells

  • Supply of suction shells
  • Rolls machining
  • Gun drilling

Industrial Service



  • Precision grindings
  • Mechanical service and complete overhaul






On site grinding and thermal coatings of Yankee Cylinders, Can Dryers and Winding Drums



FOCUS PRODUCT: From 2002 to present: the development and industrialization of the metal coating named VARIHARD-HE for the thermal coating on site of Yankee dryers is the most important achievement of the past decade both from the technological level achieved and the results in term of product reliability and number of applications worldwide both directly and through the main machine manufacturers.



Machinery and equipment – Maximum work piece size



For works realized at RIF facilities:

Maximum diameter:     2000 mm
Maximum face length: 14'000 mm
Max total length:          15’400 mm 



Max Weight:                100 tons


Special department:



RIF has equipped a department for the hot grinding and metal spraying of new Yankee cylinders with diameter up to 4880 mm (16’’)



Service Capacity:



Diameter:                    No special limitation Face length:



  • Yankee and Monoglazing dryers : up to  6500 mm
  • Dryer Cans : up to  12.000 mm with possibility of increase in case of longer rolls


Contact Details

Via Adriatica 119
33030 Basaldella di Campoformido (Udine )
Phone: +39 0432 563711
Fax: +39 0432 561600


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