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Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited (HDO), a subsidiary of IVRCL provides engineering solutions, technologies and EPC packages for solid-liquid separation applications. HDO executes turnkey projects with advanced technology, innovative engineering backed-up with reputed R&D centre recognized by DSIR. HDO manufacturing works has U-stamp certification from ASME (USA), in addition to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 accreditation.

Wet Cleaning Plant

Wet Cleaning System comprises of pulper, aqua-separator, screw-press, DSM screens, clarifier and belt-press. It is used to wash agro-based raw materials to remove impurities like silica and dirt. Efficient washing of raw material and maximum recovery of water are the main functions of the wet cleaning system. HDO produces high quality, cost effective wet cleaning systems and ensures prompt delivery to clients.

Industrial Digester System

Diminishing availability of hardwood and increasing prices, have forced major pulp producers to switch over to agro based raw materials like bagasse, wheat straw, rice straw etc. HDO has developed indigenously and designed several continuous digester systems to process these raw materials. This system has various salient advantages over batch digesters in terms of better process control, consistent and uniform quality of pulp, low cooking time, and low steam consumption there-by reducing the production costs and providing flexibility to work with various raw materials. HDO continuous digester system comprises of cross screw conveyor, pin drum feeder, equalizing screw, screw feeder, inlet chamber, digester tubes and cold blow discharger. HDO digester systems can process raw materials to produce pulp ranging from 75 to 250 TPD. This system has been supplied to Bhrikuti, ABC, Mohit , Naini &Yash Paper, etc. and they had surpassed the guaranteed performance figures.

Brown stock washing system

HDO Brown Stock Washing system is a well-designed closed counter current system comprising of three or four washing stages with salient features like efficient removal of dissolved solids from pulp and efficient recovery of strong black liquor. HDO can design and supply brown-stock washing system to handle variety of raw material, various pulping processes and capacities. The system comprises of brown-stock washers, intermediate shredder-repulpers, final conveyor- repulper, blow tank agitators, black liquor filter, dilution nozzles and mechanical foam breaker.


HDO's introduction of ripple deck design replacing conventional wire-wound design provides tangible benefits like increased consistency of pulp, decreased soda loss and higher weak black liquor concentration. The air-doctor type discharge mechanism has enhanced life of filter wire- cloth. The two point suspension valve has advantages in achieving better pulp consistency and provides quick access to valve internals for easy maintenance. A well designed seal tank ensures effective separation of foam from the black liquor which is subsequently suppressed by means of a foam breaker.

Lime Mud Filter

HDO bleaching system complies with strict environment legislation and is based on eco-friendly bleaching technologies. The bleaching system comprises of bleach-washers, heater-mixers, tower top- scrappers, static-mixer, chlorine-disperser and radial agitators. HDO supplies bleach plants of various material of construction suitable for chlorination stage, elemental chlorine-free bleaching (ECF), oxygen de-lignifications and total chlorine-free bleaching (TCF). A major accomplishment of HDO is the ODL bleach plant as a part of complete TCF fibreline which was commissioned at Turkmenistan.

Recausticizing Plant

HDO offers the most complete range of equipment for recausticizing system such as white liquor clarifier, green liquor clarifier, dregs washer, dregs mixer, lime slaker-classifer, causticizer, recausticizer, lime mud washers and lime mud filter. Two-stage de-silication technology developed and promoted by HDOL is very effective in silica removal and excellent recovery of chemicals thereby enhancing overall chemical recovery efficiency. This state of art technology was supplied to major pulp mills like BILT, JK Paper Ltd, TNPL,West Coast Paper Mills & SPB Ltd.

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