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Key Products : Adapters and Hydraulic Adapter Sleeves and Lock Nuts

Global Sleeve Solutions (GSS) specializes exclusively in manufacturing of bearing accessories i.e. Precision Adapter Sleeves, Withdrawal Sleeves, and Locknuts & Lock washers made on CNC machines. GSS have been able to lead the market through innovative design and engineering excellence. 


GSS are used in various industries i.e. Paper, Cement, Mining & Aggregate, Steel, Textile & Spinning, Food Processing, Metal Excursion, Fertilizer, Shipping, Wind Energy & Power & Thermal Plants & so forth.


GSS has the technology to produce the highest quality bearing accessories with Cad & Cam facilities. Global Sleeve Solution has the tools to design any part to meet your requirements. From design to manufacturing our quality components proves for itself. GSS having all in house manufacturing facility includes Forgings, CNC turning & machining, Milling, hydraulic/pneumatic presses to produce everything from the simplest to the most complex parts in the industry. GSS is a dynamic, future-minded manufacturer that utilizes the best quality approach in its constant pursuit of technical and operational excellence.


At every stage of all the activities Global Sleeve Solutions is abide to Integrity, Customer Satisfaction and Quality. While the company is providing challenging solutions with its precision range of bearing accessories and customize solutions.

Adapter Sleeve

Adapter Sleeve | H, HE, HA, HS is used to fix bearings with a tapered bore in a flat shaft (maximum tolerance h10), without support. Adapter Sleeve | H, HE, HA, HS is made in 3 parts:

  • The sleeve
  • A nut
  • A lock washer or MS clip.

They are always made in this complete set.

Industrial Withdrawal Sleeve

Withdrawal Sleeve | AH, AHX  is used to fix bearings with a tapered bore on supported shafts (lean), the shaft must have a thread so the nut can move the sleeve against the bearing. It is sold separately and its accessories (nut and washer) must also be ordered separately.


Locknut | KM, KML, HM, HMT, HML, KMP, KMFE is a sleeve accessory, but it also has its own application, where parts in shafts or the set fixation is required.

Hydraulic Adapter Sleeve

Hydraulic Adapter Sleeve | OH With the same normal sleeves dimensions are recommended for shafts or large size sets because they are provided with oil injection gutters, making the assembling and specially the disassembling easier. Hydraulic Adapter Sleeve | OH is available for shafts from 140 mm on.

Precision Nuts

Precision Nuts | KMT, KMTA are used for bearings fixation in machines and equipment which require high precision, for example in lathes, grinding lathes and mills. These nuts have three brass pins to lock them on the shaft, divided in angles, which are pressed against the shaft by screws. Precision Nuts | KMT, KMTA pins inclination are equal to the thread angle so the nuts are not exposed to axial loads, making the nut tightening at the exact grip position possible.


Hydraulic Nuts / HMVE (TOOLS)


Hydraulic nuts is a tool that helps the bearings in sleeves and shafts assembling and the disassembling. It makes the work easier, allowing an assembling without impacts what makes gives the set a longer useful life. It uses a manual hydraulic pump to execute heavy duty making the assembling and disassembling time shorter compared to traditional methods using the spanner and the hammer.

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