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Key Products : Wire Cloths, Spare Covers, Watermarks and Shadowmarks

Dandy Rolls India, the largest dandy roll maker in Asia and one of the world's biggest SS plate laid dandy roll maker, has manufactured over 1,000 dandy rolls to date. Dandy Rolls India manufactures a wide range of dandy rolls for both slow and high speed machines. Our dandy roll bracket systems accommodate multiple-sized dandy rolls, with a maximum of 2000mm in diameter. We also manufacture phosphorus bronze and stainless steel wire cloth mesh with modern weaving machines. Our wire cloth can be custom ordered according to customers’ mesh needs (e.g. 10, 12, 13, 20, 35, 40, 50, 60-mesh). Our seaming department diagonally seams these wire mesh covers to suit dandy rolls and cylinder moulds used in clients’ mills. We also specialize in manufacturing watermarks and Shadowmarks used in the making of high security paper.

Modern Bracket Systems

Made of helically-coiled rings equipped with suitably gauged diagonally passing rods and flat bars for grinding, spindle type plain wove dandy rolls for slow-speed machines are available in SS or PB with 35-mesh PB/SS covers.


Hollow type plain wove dandy rolls for medium-speed machines in SS or PB with 10-mesh bottom covers and 35-mesh top covers are also available.


Dandy rolls for high-speed machines feature double side flanges, journals and spherical roller bearings with 10-mesh bottoms and 35-mesh top covers. Our cylinder molds, made of SS material, are heavier in weight.

Plain wove dandy rolls

Cylinder Molds


Similar in design but heavier than Dandy Rolls, cylinder molds are manufactured according to customer requirements.


Plate-Laid Dandy Rolls


Used to manufacture ledgers and laid papers, these rolls are made from independently circled hollow type rings using 0.3mm-0.5mm thick SS casting sheets. At a distance of approximately 0.3 mm from the periphery of the rings, mini-diameter holes are drilled and laid wires passed through each ring and then soldered in position. The body rings are evenly filed and polished to achieve uniform height.

Watermarks & Embossed Covers

We manufacture plain wove top and bottom diagonally seamed covers for rolls, which can be either mounted on the dandy/cylinder roll or supplied as spares.


10-mesh is used as bottom cover (usually in dandy rolls above 800mm) and generally supplied in SS-316L.


35-mesh covers, supplied in SS or PB, are either mounted on the roll or supplied as spare covers.


Watermarks can be fixed on 35-mesh covers on the roll at our works or at client's worksite.


PB/SS wire cloths or covers for cylinder moulds, thickeners & washing drums available in mesh sizes per clients' requests.

Plate Laid Dandy Rolls

Watermarks are impressions left on the running sheet of wet paper due to displacement of fibres by electrotypes/ logos fixed on the dandy roll.


We specialise in manufacturing two-dimensional watermarks for different machine speeds, different stock conditions and various gsm’s of paper.


Shadowmarks are embossed on the wire cloth dandy roll covers.  These watermarks create a three dimensional mark that is darker on the paper than the shade of the paper.


Created due to the depression of the embossed image/text on the dandy roll cover as it meets with the running sheet on the machine, shadowmarking is the highest level of marking for high security papers.

Showers & Cleaning Systems

Dandy Roll Cleaning System


We supply water showers and save-all-trays for continuous cleaning of rolls. External save-all-trays are made of fibreglass or SS. Steam-bearer tubes and steam showers are used for dandy rolls with open-ended casting running on trunnions.


Dandy Roll Drives


Dandy Rolls India supplies DC/ AC drives along with panel boxes, which control elongation of paper, helps to avoid drag and allows smooth, steady running of paper.

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