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Key Products : Gas Infrared Dryers and Electrical Infrared Dryers

Since its foundation in 1967, Solaronics S.A.has become one of the world's leading suppliers of gas-fired/ electrical infrared systems with integrated convection drying.

In 2000, the company acquired IRT, a leading specialist in electrical non-contact drying systems, and then became part of the Bekaert group in 2004.

Our product range includes gas infrared dryers and electrical infrared dryers of the highest quality and performance. All our infrared dryers can be coupled to an air dryer for an optimal combination of infrared and air drying with our Energy Recovery System.Today, more than 1 000 systems have been installed worldwide for the paper and board industry. We offer complete non-drying solutions for quality and energy rebuilds as well as new machines or new coating lines, either by supplying new dryers or upgrading existing dryers.

UniDryer V3

Gas infrared  dryers ,UniDryer® V3 is a combined infrared and air dryer in which high performance gas infrared emitters are alternated with high temperature and high velocity air nozzles. The combination of these features results in a fast heat-up, a high evaporation rate and ultimately in better paper quality. UniDryer®V3 features an innovative convection system consisting of:

  • A new type of blowing nozzle that consists of a combination of slot impingement nozzles offering an optimal convective heat transfer while maintaining perfect web runnability
  • A compact design of integrated recirculation fans with higher air flows
  • A new breakthrough emitter: GemE emitter family

GemDryer System

Solaronics GemDryer® is a gas infrared non-contact drying system consisting of high performance Gem emitters and Coanda blowing nozzles. This unique combination delivers optimal energy efficiency.GemDryer® fit easily in any paper machine thanks to the extreme compactness of the system.

WebMate Infrared Drying System

Solaronics WebMate® is an electrical infrared non-contact drying system consisting of infrared modules and air nozzles. This unique combination ensures optimal energy efficiency. The paper qualityis improved thanks to the WebMate® high narrow zone profiling capability and high drying rate.

Master Cassette

Master Cassette is an electrical infrared drying solution at medium power density, well suited for moderate speed machines or downstream converting and printing operations.

The system consists of unique golden reflectors and an electrical power control system. By the use of quick start/stop and heat controllability, your energy costs are minimized. Energy is consumed only when and where you need it, always at the optimal level.

Gas infrared emitter

Electrical infrared Dryers, GemE and GerE with two high-technology screens for higher infrared efficiency and a solid ceramic material known for its excellent mechanical properties optimized thanks to a specific surface treatment to efficiently operate at high temperatures.

Industrial Electrical Module

Solaronics modules are high density electrical infrared emitters developed for straight heating and profiling-based on parabolic reflector design. Our modules have proven their excellent lifetime and efficiency.


Solaronics e-UniDryer is a non-contact drying and profiling system in which high drying performance electrical infrared modules are alternated with air flotation nozzles. This unique combination results in a very compact design that can be easily implemented in your machine while guaranteeing optimal system efficiency.


Solaronics EdgeMate is a high power density electrical infrared solution for an efficient edge drying.The EdgeMate system is compact and easily fit into your machine framing using specifically designed retraction equipment.

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