Company : Sigma Minerals Limited

Category : Chemical Recovery

Key Products : Hydrated Lime, Quick Lime and Lime Stone 

Sigma Minerals Limited, a 40 year old establishment, is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of   Hydrated Lime and Quick Lime in India.

Sigma has been a pioneer in the Lime Industry since its inception and has kept the edge with the introduction of the modern technology; a way ahead of its counterparts in the country. The company has outlined a strategy to establish Sigma as a ‘Top Notch’ brand in the world.

The perpetual modernization model is one of the key competitive strength of Sigma. Proving the aptness of this premise we have put up a fully automated Lime Kiln with technology provider – Cimprogetti S.p.A, Italy.

The import substitute lime produced in this kiln is highly reactive and is of high Purity.

Sigma has always endeavored to maintain the benchmark of quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct, have contributed in making it a leader and a renowned lime brand in India.

Hydrated Lime Powder

It is a fine white dry powder that is manufactured by reacting Calcium Oxide with water. It is also known as Calcium Hydroxide/ Slaked Lime. Hydrated Lime has many industrial uses and is found in different grades ranging from 70% to 96+1%.

Hydrated Lime is used in the manufacturing of number of chemicals. Sigma’s premium products pride and pearl has found application in manufacturing of Calcium based compound. Hydrated Lime is also used to form an impermeable base, reducing the changes the chances of seepage of rainwater.

Quick Lime Powder

It is the powdered form of calcium oxide

Quick Lime Lumps

Quick Lime Lumps manufactured from both Modern Kiln and Traditional Kiln

It is produced when limestone is heated above 900 °C, a temperature at which limestone decomposes to carbon dioxide and quicklime (CaO). Quicklime is also known as Calcium oxide (CaO)/ Burnt lime. It is found in both lumps and powder form. Quick Lime is used as a flux in steel plants, metallurgical plants and refractories thus making it integral to metal manufacturing. Used as coagulant, Quick Lime aids in manufacturing of sheet with grass and waste paper.

Lime Stone

At Sigma, chemical grade Limestone of Rajasthan belt are mined.


Lime is extensively used to treat municipal waste waters and industrial liquid wastes. In wastewater treatment plants (both urban or industrial) Hydrated Lime and Quick Lime are widely used for correcting the pH balance of acidic water, for precipitating heavy metals and phosphates, and for its flocculating action.

Lime is widely used for stabilizing industrial residual sludge or dredging sludge and for treating urban biosolids before agricultural re-use or incineration.

In addition, lime is used to treat soils polluted with hydrocarbons.

Lime has long been used in the construction industry to make mortar and plaster, serving as a binder in these substances. During the hardening process, the lime combines with carbon dioxide from the air to form rocklike calcium carbonate, while water is released by evaporation. Hydraulic lime is used to make a special kind of mortar that hardens under water. Besides this, Quick Lime Powder is also used immensely for manufacturing AAC Blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete).

A cleaning agent in the leather manufacture process, lime is used to remove raw skin and thus obtain clean leather.

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