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Key Products : Pulper, Reject Separator, High Density Cleaner, Screw Press, Dispersing System, Bleaching System, Refiner, Research and Technology Centre / RTC

Founded in 1913, Cellwood Machinery has a long tradition within the pulp and paper industry and is one of the worlds leading company for equipment for dispersing of waste paper.  Cellwood is a family owned company which consists of Cellwood Machinery AB, Soderhamn Eriksson, Simson and AB Bruzaholms Bruk.


Cellwood Machinery’s concept is to develop, design, manufacture and market high-tech machinery and complete systems adapted to suit the needs of customers in the pulp and paper industry across the world for the environmentally friendly processing of pulp and the recycling of waste paper, and manage after sales including training, start up, service and spare parts supply.


Cellwood Machinery’s business concept is to provide energy-efficient machinery and services for disintegration and grinding of recycled paper and other fibres in large volumes.


Cellwood Machinery is well known for its brand products Krima and Grubbens.

Grubbens Pulper

Grubbens rotors are specially designed to operate at high consistency with baled pulp or broke. Regardless of whether it is bales, paper machine web or guillotine broke, high consistency is essential for achieving optimum results.


The rotor design is the main reason for the pulpers being able to operate at a high consistency and low power demand. The consistency range in the pulpers varies between 3 – 9%, depending on the material and whether the pulpers are operating continuously or batch wise. The primary breaking up of paper and pulp is made by the friction in the pulp stream at high consistency. It is therefore important to have good circulation also with high consistency.


It is available in 2 types:


  • Pulper Rotor type G
  • Pulper Rotor type S

Reject separator

Grubbens reject separator is pulper cleaning equipment for LC, MC and HC pulpers.

High Density Cleaner

Grubbens High Density Cleaner takes care of unwanted particles and removes them from the suspension using the vortex separation principle. Parts that have a higher density than the pulp, such as screws, nails, staples, steel parts, stones and pebbles are effectively removed and gathered in the reject chamber.


When installed in your existing plant the cleaner comes with separate rotor, which allows it to operate without any pressure drop. When the cleaner is installed in a new system the capacity of the pump will determine the pressure in the cleaner.

Screw Press

The screw press gives excellent results on recycled paper as well as virgin pulp. Screw Press is available in 2 types:


  • Screw press type KSR
  • Screw press type RR


Some of the advantages of Screw Press are:


  • Good dewatering due to thin pulp cake.
  • Blockage free discharge due to pneumatic backpressure cone.
  • Low wear due to low operation speed.
  • Good accessibility during maintenance due to horizontally split screen baskets and a screw with dismountable shafts.
  • The screen baskets of the press have good accessibility for inspection and cleaning due to the external hoops which can be dismantled easily by hand.

Dispersing system

Krima Dispersing System is exclusively designed for dispersing waxes, hot melts, bitumen, stickies, laser ink as well as heavy colors.


The Krima Dispersing system is the most advanced system. Apart from producing the best dispersing result for all kind of dispersable contaminates in waste paper, this is also the most flexible dispersing system.


Krima Dispersing System is available as:


  • Krima Compact Dispersing System
  • Krima Ultra Compact Dispersing System

Bleaching System

In the Krima sequence Bleaching System the pulp will be continuously bleached under pressure at high pulp consistency. The bleaching system is installed directly in connection with the Krima Dispersing System. Because of this it is possible to both pre-bleach and post-bleach with different chemicals.


The advantages with Krima Bleaching System:


  • High temperature is utilized in the bleaching process.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Less chemical consumption.
  • Minimum dilution effect on bleaching chemicals due to high pulp consistency.
  • Different temperatures during pre-bleaching and post-bleaching.
  • Different pulp consistency during pre-bleaching and post-bleaching.
  • Different bleaching chemicals during pre-bleaching and post-bleaching.
  • Possibility to make fast changes to conditions for bleaching efficiency.


The Krima refiner is designed for high consistency fibre treatment. The best results are reached when the inlet consistency is between 20 and 30%. One of the most significant features of the unit is the patented and technically superior in-feed zone, which allows treatment of all types of fibres without the risk of blocking. The in-feed zone also contributes to the very low energy consumption.

Research and Technology Centre / RTC

The technology centre is equipped with all the machines marketed by Cellwood Machinery. The installed equipment is full scale size and can easily be arranged to optimum system to suit the customers’ requirements. Modern process control gives our trial facilities the flexibility to precisely monitor, easily change parameters and document the process results.

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