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Key Products : FPC 5Ply, Double - Wall Corrugated Board, TPC- 3 Ply, SFS -40, DF 100

HIC Machinery Co. is engaged in Manufacturing of Quality Corrugation Plant, and it is also the authorized representative to the European Manufactures B.P Agnati (Italy). HIC offers a wide range of paper conversion equipments - FPC - 5Ply, Double Wall Corrugated Plant, TPC- 3 Ply, SFS -40, and DF 100.

FPC 5Ply Corrugated Board

Indias Fastest 5 Ply Combined Automatic Paper Corrugated Board Making Plant with Production speed of 100 Meter per minute.

In FPC 5Ply machine, the single face web is present, an adhesive is applied to the flute tips, which is then brought into contact with double-face linear at the entry of the FPC 5Ply machine, and the combined webs are drawn over a series of heated plates by an arrangement of top and bottom woven cotton belts. This arrangement helps in keeping the corrugated web in intimate contact with the heated plates, providing good heat transfer and holding of the single face web and the bottom liner in firm engagement.

Double Corrugated Ply Board

Double Corrugated Ply Board are used when the loads are heavy (more than 14 kg) the size of the box is larger. When higher burst or puncture is required to provide resistance increased protection to the product, this Double Corrugated Ply proves to be the best option.

TPC- 3 Ply Automatic Corrugated Board

TPC- 3 Ply is a In –Line Combined Automatic Corrugated Board Making Plant. It mainly includes Mill Roll Stand, Single Facer, Take up Unit, Over –head Bridge, Glue Unit, Double Facer, Slitter Scorer, Cut off and Plant, TPC- 3 Ply has auxiliary equipments which include steam(or oil) Heating System, Glue preparing and supplying system, Rails and carriages, Main Drive, Pre-conditioner ,Multi pre-heater, Electrical Control.

SFS 40 Single Facer

The high speed single facer SFS -40 offerss a high rate of production & enhanced efficiency. The rolls present in SFS -40 are mounted on roller bearings for smooth running & longer life, minutely finished flute rolls which result in perfect formation of flutes. Hydraulic lifting reel stand is provided with the SFS -40. Helical Gear Box is provided directly attached with the roller by chain. Reel to sheet cutter can be synchronized with the machine. The SFS - 40 machines is attached with P.I.V Gear unit to cut into the required sizes.

DF 100 Single Facer

The DF 100 Single facer is a bold New Design which offers high rate of production & enhanced efficiency. The rolls are mounted on roller bearing for smooth running & longer life, results in perfect formation of flutes. T he quick Flute change capability in DF 100 Single facer allows the box plant greater flexibility in scheduling as well as ability to offer the customer whatever flute profile he needs.

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