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Key Products : Perlbond®, Perlbond® Hcs,  Perlsize®, Perlcoat®,Ly Spray

Lyckeby Industrial produces and markets customised industry products in form of modified starches for paper industries as well as adhesives for packaging and paper converting. Our main markets are Scandinavia and Europe.

Industrial Wet-End Starches

Wet-End Starches - Perlbond® And Perlbond® Hcs


Lyckeby Industrial emphasis is on wet-end starches. We have worked methodically over the years to acquire solid competence and know-how in the area of wet-end starches. Our special focuses are on systems with a high degree of closure and on ones containing a high percentage of recycled fibre-based raw materials. In both cases the demands for a well-functioning starch and technical process know-how are high. Our wet-end starches are collectively called PERLBOND®. They are cationised for various degrees of substitution. All PERLBOND® products satisfy the requirements established by FDA and BfR.


PERLBOND® are used to increase dry strength properties and to improve retention and dewatering. PERLBOND® also affects runnability and printing characteristics positively.


Surface-Sizing Starch - Perlsize®


Lyckeby Industrial surface-sizing starches are collectively called PERLSIZE®. They are cationised for various degrees of substitution and give low contribution to COD and BOD in water. All PERLSIZE® products satisfy the requirements established by FDA and BfR.


PERLSIZE® provides improved surface strength and reduced dust, thus contributing to improved printability.


Coating Starch - Perlcoat®


Our coating starches are collectively called PERLCOAT®. They are oxidised and/or hydroxypropylated. All PERLCOAT products satisfy the requirements established by FDA and BfR.


PERLCOAT® is used as binders for coating colours and contributes to improved printing characteristics.


Spray Starch - Ly Spray


Lyckeby Industrial spray starches are collectively called LY SPRAY. All LY SPRAY products satisfy the requirements established by FDA and BfR.


LY SPRAY provides improved strength between board layers - primarily Z-strength and Scott-Bond.

Research & Development

Lyckeby Industrial - Research And Development


The Research and Development Department has a central position within Lyckeby Industrial. We work with technical service, product development and long-term fundamental research at the Research and Development Department. Technical service is an important part of our concept to guarantee a good function of our products in our customers' applications. Our laboratories have advanced analysis instruments for characterisation of starch and simulation of products behaviour at different applications etc.


Do you need help to find the optimal product for your application? Do not hesitate to contact Lyckeby Industrial for recommendations.

Microlys Modified Starches

Adhesives For Packaging And Paper Converting


Lyckeby Industrial has a broad product range of adhesives for applications within lamination, roll wrapping, carton manufacturing, case sealing, core manufacturing, labelling etc. A major part of the products are based on renewable raw materials such as starch and protein. The product portfolio are composed by dry adhesives as well as water-borne. In addition to that we also have a hot melt portfolio. The most well-know products in our product portfolio are Naturabond™, Biobond, Plattonal™, Landobond, Landocoll and DanikumLim.


An example of application for NaturaBond™ is in core manufacturing. Over the last year NaturaBond™ has taken market shares from water glass in core production. The advantages of NaturaBond TM are among other things:


  • Improved end product - reduction of moisture related quality problems
  • Faster drying which gives shorter storage and delivery times
  • Reduced application amount with 20% to 25%
  • Renewable product

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