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Dyadic International's pulp and paper enzymes include cellulytic and hemi-cellulytic complexes which enhance the properties and processing of virgin and secondary pulps. These are specifically developed and formulated to improve pulp bleaching, de-inking, and refining while reducing chemical consumption and refining energy, improving paper quality, including strength, and increasing production rates. Our products result in cleaner water loops, reducing the need for contaminant control agents and biocides. Environmental benefits include the reduction in total Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in wastewater streams.

FibreZyme LWT

FibreZyme LWT significantly improves the quality of wastewater streams by hydrolyzing cellulosic waste, thereby providing a more useful substrate for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. These improvements are due to a large decrease of the particulate COD and an increase in BOD / COD ratio, resulting in higher effluent biodegradability. Using FibreZyme LWT allows a measurable increase of BOD and COD removal in biological waste treatment processes.

FibreZyme LBL

FibreZyme LBL selectively hydrolyzes xylans. FibreZyme LBL facilitates bleaching of kraft, soda and sulphite pulps by loosening the pulp structure and enhancing lignin extraction. FibreZyme LBL reduces chemical consumption and results in higher brightness chemical pulps. FibreZyme LBL increases yields across the pulping and bleaching processes by allowing a less vigorous pulping while maintaining brightness targets.


FibreZyme LBL maintains fibre strength, reduces refining energy requirements, and increases inter-fibre bonding through fibrillation while avoiding fibre breakage. Vessel picking that occurs during printing is reduced for eucalyptus pulps, an important consideration when manufacturing writing-grade papers.


FibreZyme LBL has an advantage over competitive products due to its broad pH (pH 4.5 to pH 9.5) and temperature ranges (20°C to 80°C).

FibreZyme LDI

FibreZyme LDI is specifically formulated for enhancing the de-inking of recycled fibres while improving pulp refining.

FibreZyme LDI use improves paper quality by increasing pulp whiteness and brightness, decreasing paper ink specs, reducing 'stickies' contaminants, providing higher tissue softness and bulking, and increasing sheet strength.

Process benefits from using FibreZyme LDI include significant chemical cost reductions due to the elimination of caustic soda, peroxide, dispersants and starch. FibreZyme LDI decreases refining energy requirements and papermachine steam consumption, improves paper machine speeds and production rates, and clarifies white-water loops.

FibreZyme LDI is environmentally friendly as it reduces total BOD and COD and increases BOD / COD ratios for higher effluent biodegradability. FibreZyme LDI has an optimum temperature range of 25°C to 80°C and a pH range of pH 4.0 to pH 8.0.

FibreZyme LBR and CS

FibreZyme LBR and FibreZyme CS are Dyadic's biorefining aids. FibreZyme LBR is applicable to a wide variety of pulps and paper grades. FibreZyme CS has been specifically formulated for grades of paper made from recycled fibre requiring increased ring crush.


Benefits from using FibreZyme LBR and CS include lower refiner energy consumption, increased refiner throughput eliminating a common production bottleneck, improved sheet strengths at lower basis weights, cleaner white water loops resulting in reduced need for strength additives and other wet end chemicals, reduced heat-loads in drying sections, increased paper machine speeds and production rates, and elimination of 'stickies' and similar contaminants.


FibreZyme LBR and FibreZyme CS have an optimum temperature range of 25°C to 80°C and an optimum pH range of pH 4.0 to pH 8.0.

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