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AUXICHEM is an ISO certified company and a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of specialty chemicals catering to paper and pulp processing, textiles, fibre, rayon, leather surfactants, pesticides and various other industries since 1966. 


With decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge, AUXICHEM has been able to face the challenges of the global market place and deliver quality products in adherence with market standards and parameters.

De-Inking Chemicals

Auxichem offers a variety of de-inking chemicals for recycle paper. Some of the de-inking chemicals available with the company are:


  • AUXILAN KLU - This is a versatile de-inking chemicals compound which helps in removal of ink particles for pulp. The company manufactured de-inking chemicals have strong detergency and accelerated froth formation property.
  • AUXILAN MLU - For stubborn inks the AUXILAN MLU de-inking chemicals provide strong detergency and froth formation. AUXILAN MLU de-inking chemicals helps in removing inks from the pulp. Solvent action helps in ease of de-inking.
  • AUXILAN 100 - AUXILAN 100 de-inking chemicals is recommended in system where foliation de-inking unit is not available. AUXILAN 100 helps to loosen the printing ink from the paper and disperse the same, thus effectively removing the inks.




  • AUXICIDE CMC – AUXICIDE is a low viscosity liquid formulation for slimicides treatment. Slimicides are very effective against microbial contamination. Slimicides are also active over a wide pH range. These slimicides are also very effective in algae/slime treatment.
  • AUXICIDE - AUXICIDE is solvent-free formulation for the protection of pump and backwaters on the paper industry. It is very effective against algae, fungi and bacteria. These slimicides are used as a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent in cooling and recirculation waters.




  • LEVANON AC - LEVANON AC is among the strong action defoamers concentrate. These act as general-purpose defoamers in any surfactant system. Defoamers can be used in coating slips/size press solutions in paper industry.
  • AUXILAN 84 - AUXILAN 84 defoamers are special antifoaming agent for paper coating mixes. AUXILAN 84 defoamers are powerful anti-frothing agent cum wetting agent for use in the coating mixes in the paper industry. AUXILAN 84 defoamers emulsify readily in water and are completely stable in alkaline coating mixes generally used in paper industry.
  • TEXTIZE TC - TEXTIZE TC defoamers are formulated to act a general-purpose defoamer in any surfactant system. These defoamers are effective in alkaline conditions and hence specifically recommended for coating slips containing synthetic binders.

Dyeing Auxiliaries

  • AUXIWET CRS - AUXIWET CRS dyeing auxiliaries are effective in multi-purpose ways.  These dyeing auxiliaries are used as wetting, dispersing and emulsifying agents. Felts, coucher jackets and paper coating pigments benefit a lot with dyeing auxiliaries. AUXIWET CRS dyeing auxiliaries can be added to the beater which increases the affinity of the pump for dyestuff.
  • AUXIGEN ECO / CONC - AUXIGEN ECO dyeing auxiliaries are eco-friendly formaldehyde-free dye fixing agent. These dyeing auxiliaries are cationic in nature. These dyeing auxiliaries are also widely used for fixing of acids and direct dyes on paper. The AUXICHEM dyeing auxiliaries are used for increasing depth of shades and improvement of backwater in acid dyeing. Better wet and alcohol fastness to sized or un-sized paper are imparted by the company manufactured dyeing auxiliaries.


Felt-Cleaning Items


  • AUXIDET CONC- (Anionic Liquid Detergent) AUXIDET CONC is a highly stable wetting agent. Due to its excellent wetting and detergent property, felt cleaning items are widely used in washing of paper before sizing. These felt cleaning items are also used in the de-inking system.
  • AUXIPON NP 100 - (Non-Ionic detergent cum de-greasing agent) AUXIPON NP 100 is a powerful all purpose detergent especially developed to suit the needs of the paper industry. The exceptionally powerful cleaning action of AUXIPON NP 100 is based on the synergistic effect of the optimally harmonized surface active compounds. Felt cleaning items also have dissolving action.

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