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Category : Chemicals, Adhesives and Starch

Key Products : Direct Dyes, Americos Optical Brighteners, Water Repellent for Pulp and Paper Board, WRP Coated Paper

Americos Industries is a fast growing organization manufacturing specialized products for textile, pharmaceutical, food processing industry, etc. In a short span the company has established its brand authenticity within India and is gaining new foothold the world over. Dedicated towards researching and manufacturing newer products, Americos industries is a fast developing unit. The recent launches by the company include three new products. They would enable excellent water repellency, reduce effluents, strengthen and retain size, filler and fines for paper. Other in-demand products of the company are finishing chemicals, textile auxiliaries, garment wash chemicals, dyes, smart colorants, and enzymes. Americos optical brighteners, WRP coated paper, water repellent for pulp and paper board are some other high value products manufactured by the company. The multifarious range of colors, direct dyes and their variants manufactured by Americos is a great help to fashion and garment industry.

Direct Dyes

Specialized in dyestuffs, Americos manufactures a wide array of direct dyes. The direct dyes are available in both liquid and powder forms for paper and pulp. The liquid direct dyes for paper have multitudinous variations depending on the color. The available variants of different direct dyes are as follows:


  • Red 254
  • Yellow 11
  • Red 239
  • Blue 14
  • Blue 290
  • Blue 279
  • Orange 118


The company also offers varied choices for direct dyes in powder form, for paper. The available colors for powder direct dyes include orange (TGLL 150%), paper yellow, Turquoise blue (FBL), direct blue, scarlet (4BS), orange (80), blue (80), violet (51), etc.

Optical Brighteners

Americos Optical Brighteners


Complying with the latest innovations in garments, textiles and wet and dry processing industries, Americos optical brighteners are the best buy for customers. Optical brighteners are used on pulp and paper for different purposes. They are suitable for surface coating and also applied on the wet end of pulp and paper. Americos optical brighteners are also available for both polyesters and cottons. They provide a bluish tint to fabrics. The research and development center of the organization has made Americos optical brighteners a highly south after product. Americos optical brighteners and direct dyes are concept driven chemicals manufactured by the company and offer great aid to garment and fashion industry.

Water Repellent

Water Repellent for Pulp and Paper Board


Americos Airesin water repellent for pulp and paper board is a highly effective product for myriad conditions. The water repellent for pulp and paper board provides flawless service even at high temperatures. Consistent performance and greater stability makes the water repellent for pulp and paper boards a preferred choice. The water repellent for pulp and paper board retains the "duck's back" effect even when it is used or stored at high temperatures. Water repellent for pulp and paper boards is highly compatible with different range of chemical additives.


WRP Coated Paper


The specialized features of WRP coated paper make it a befitting choice of buyers. To ameliorate the quality of WRP coated paper the company uses AI DSA 2019 resin. It is a multipurpose additive used for facilitating the dry strength of WRP coated paper. The resin is effective in treating WRP coated paper having a pH range of 4.5 to 8. For best result, the pH range should remain close to its neutral value. The usability of WRP coated paper is considerably improved, ensuring greater drainage rate. The unique characteristic of the resin helps in bettering the quality of WRP coated paper. The WRP coated paper also registers improved fine retention when treated with the resin and is thus an apt choice for various uses.

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