Have You Experienced Digital Engagement?

Have You Experienced Digital Engagement?

When it comes to keeping your customers happy and increasing brand awareness, digital engagement has become an important part of any company. Combining aspects of social media, customer service, and much more, digital engagement might seem complex at first sight, but you may find you've already been doing a lot of it already. Here's a simple guide to digital engagement, and how it can benefit your business.

Online conversations

Many businesses use tools available online to promote their business, and starting conversations with people who use their products and services can help increase sales. There are lots of examples of digital engagement and how it can be used. The type of industry you're in will help you decide the kind of engagement that's appropriate.

Some forms of digital engagement you could use include:

Social media – responding to posts including queries, complaints etc.
Forming relationships with bloggers and forum moderators to promote your company
Seeking feedback from customers via online forms and surveys
Encouraging users to make content such as videos and reviews

These are just a few examples, but the internet has endless possibilities for those who can use a bit of creativity and who are business savvy.

Digital engagement for your exhibition stand

While you may use things like banner ads and links to bring people to your website, offline marketing is also important to increase your online presence. Nimlok Exhibition Systems provide some of the best arrangements when it comes to digital engagement for your exhibition stand. Digital engagement could be used for your stand in the form of a survey, game, quiz etc. All forms of engagement are created with cutting edge technology, making your stand practical as well as functional. Why not test digital engagement out for yourself to impress and draw in the crowds?

Being reactive

The most important part of digital engagement is being reactive to customer's conversations. If you work at a larger firm you may have a social media agent working full time on Twitter and Facebook, but if not then it's important to make sure you have cover during office hours at least. It's important that customers know if they contact you, then their questions will be dealt with, and that they are important to your company.

If you are looking for new ways to promote your business online, then it's worth looking at digital engagement. It means you're not just bombarding people with your message, but getting them more involved with your brand, and communicating with your team. There are endless ways it can be used, from getting people to share content, to handling complaints, and when it's done properly it can be an effective and easy way to promote your brand.

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